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Xamarin Android LinkAssemblies Task Failed Unexpectedly Acr Notifications


The 'LinkAssemblies task failed unexpectedly' error can be frustrating and hard to fix; we ran into an error and ended up having to keep Acr.Notifications from being linked to deploy in release mode. Read more

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.NET OData Context Generator


OData v4 is a very common data protocol- given that it's REST and HATEOAS compatible- but lacks the refinement, guidance, and type-checking that many .NET developers are used to. The Visual Studio OData v4 Client Code Generator forms an Entity Framework-like wrapper around this HTTP-only protocol. Read more

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Single Page vs Multi Page Websites


Often made to replicate the mobile app experience on a browser, single page applications are becoming popular very quickly. However, they make some tasks more difficult and in some cases can result in lower SEO rankings and fewer conversions. How can you tell if this design is right for you? Read more

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Who needs a computer?


With the rise in popularity and capability of smartphones and tablets, many people are going without a traditional desktop or even a laptop computer. Do your customers own a traditional computer? Do you need one to run your business? Read more

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Does your business need an app?


Although apps have been a part of pop culture and big business for nearly a decade now, smaller and smaller businesses are getting apps of their own. An app might be overkill for some and desperately overdue for others. How can you tell which description you fall under? Read more