Software Design, Maintenence

Why Does Software Design Matter?


There's nearly always more than one way to solve an issue with software, be it a different website design or a desktop versus mobile application. However, bad design can bring any solution down and end up costing a lot more in the end.


It's very important for software to look and feel good in the age of Apple- your employees and customers, and probably you yourself, expect to know what the most common options are and whether anything needs your attention at first glace of any screen. This has definitely been good overall for software developers and consumers- when more is expected, more is generally given. Twenty years ago bugs were something to expect from nearly any program- 'did you restart the program' was a common way to fix issues; now software is built to be resilient from any perceivable thread.

Those among us who actually pay for the software to be reliable, however, will sometimes want corners cut to save costs. However, in addition to an embarrassing error window, these shortcuts will often increase maintenence down the road, and common estimates for maintenence costs of enterprise applications are 75-90% of the total cost of ownership1. In other words, if you spend $2,000 on a website, you can typically expect to spend another $6-18k on correcting bugs. Most of our clients have much smaller projects, like a website or simple app, than what would be considered an enterprise application, but it illustrates the point I'm trying to make- saving 4 hours of work by, say, elminating automatic unit tests can easily lead to tens or hundreds of hours correcting bugs later in the application's lifecycle.

We do not compromise on quality- if a client says he or she just wants a quick and dirty solution and not to worry about how it'l work in years or even months, we try to illustrate how important quality is. For nearly any shortcut, one of us has a story of a similar shortcut we've seen taken before and why it's not the way to go. Our high quality design is one reason that we include a year's bug and security maintenence with all of our software, and offer very reasonable rates on maintenence contracts after that. We deliver you software that we don't expect to have to work on in a year and, in the event that we or another software house decides to upgrade the software, we provide a suite of tests and test scrips to let us prove our claim that our software works or know exactly what we need to fix.


1Accurately Estimate Your Software Maintenene Costs