You might not be used to seeing final prices when dealing with a software provider- that's what makes us stand out the most. We believe that any service, be it plumbing, golf lessons, or software development/web design, should have a set price and a set of expectations of the customer and the provider. Most companies want to charge you hourly because they're either lazy or afraid that customers will say they want one thing and then later decide they want another. We avoid that by involving the customer more intimately at each stage of the work. We do our work in small pieces, and always get the customer to verify that they're happy with the progress before moving on. That protects the customer, because he or she knows that the work being done is to his or her standard, and protects us from doing lots of work that our customers don't want anyway.

Hourly Rates


These are not package prices. Each client gets a customized proposal for each project; these are some packages we've offered in the past as a guideline for the value you can expect when you partner with us.